Sound & Light

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Do you teach the Next Generation Science Standards? I recently created a Sound & Light unit to use with my first graders this year! For the first time, I’m actually excited to teach Science!

{You can read more about the Sound & Light here!}

Of course, it helps to have great books to go along with the unit, right?

Here’s a peek at the perfect books for Sound & Light that are just perfect for first graders!!
Click on any of the pictures and it’ll take you right to the book.

This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing an item on these sites using these links, I will receive a small commission on your purchase…which I’ll use to buy even more books! For more information about my Disclosure Policy, please visit this link.

It’s important that every child understands that they are a Scientist! This book is a great way to kick start your classroom learning!

This is a great book to review the five senses! and kick off your discussions on Light and Sound!
I learned A TON while creating this unit and this books were just right for kids {and teachers!}
This is a very comprehensive book on Sound! Kid friendly illustrations, too!

This just may be my favorite book {along with the Light one!} It is absolutely perfect for young learners and it includes experiments for kids to take their learning even further!


Can you ever go wrong with a Rookie Reader? Simple language for complex ideas! Love the picture dictionary in the back, too!

This is a fabulous book for learning all you need to know about light waves! 

I am so grateful for the authors out there who can make really challenging concepts so simple to understand through words and illustrations! I love both of Wendy Pfeffer’s books for this unit!  

This book on light is just right for first graders!Every child loves their shadow! And I’ve recently discovered that I love Oscar! Oscar is a very curious cat who helps students understand scientific concepts! 
As you start to learn more about sound and light, students soon discover that the two ideas are related…and they can communicate using what they know! This is a perfect book to help with that idea!
And it wouldn’t be a Science unit if we didn’t have the Frizz helping us, right?

I purchased the entire Magic School Bus DVD set because they are just perfect for Indoor Recess!


But the two episodes that are just right for Sound and Light are Magic School Bus: Inside the Haunted House and Magic School Bus: Gets a Bright Idea.

Wrapping up the unit is the perfect time for these videos because students will have a strong idea of what’s happening after they’ve had a chance to explore on their own! 

Want to read more about Sound and Light? Check out this blog post!



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