9 Podcasts Worth Listening To

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Recently, I was chatting with my sister and I referenced something I had heard on a Podcast.  She immediately said, “Oh my gosh – you are SUCH a nerd! Why can’t you just listen to the radio like a normal person!”

I kinda chuckled but then thought about it.  My mind & body are always going. I never stop thinking, dreaming, moving, creating, or talking.  As an extension, I never stop learning either. ADD much?

I turn to podcasts as a way to sorta multitask. I can listen to a podcast while I’m working out, tinkering with a product or even just sitting on the couch {which actually rarely happens}.  I cannot sit still to watch TV or just be in silence ever. So, podcasts are a win-win! I am doing something!

Here’s a list of my current favorite Podcasts!

Dais by Rachel Hollis

Okay, you may know that I have a HUGE crush on Rachel Hollis.  Seriously, everything she does is inspiring! From writing books to sharing her adoption story, to hosting her own RISE conference this past year – she’s amazing!

Now, she’s started a podcast, called Dais, featuring women who are pretty rad and have done amazing things! It’s awesome and you should definitely check it out!


I’m curious by nature.  When I go to the dentist or the doctor, I’m always asking questions about the tests, procedures, equipment, etc.  Not like I’m ever going to do it myself, but I just like to know how behind things!

Sawbones is a podcast created by Dr. Sydnee and her husband Justin.  They explore random medical ailments and how they’ve been treated throughout the years.  It’s entertaining {and informative!} for sure!

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

I am a HUGE Bill Burr fan.  If you don’t know him, he’s a Boston comedian who is absolutely brilliant and hysterical.  I’ve seen him live and he’s every bit as good as the stuff you can pull up on YouTub {his bit on needing a Plague is ridiculous}

He is not for the faint of heart – he cusses a lot and tells it like it is! This podcast is him rambling about things he’s interested in that week. It’s definitely worth a listen!

Making Oprah

Who doesn’t love Oprah?! Making Oprah shares how she started as a “nobody” and became a beloved cultural icon. It’s a super fun listen!

The Daily

Do you ever feel like you’re kinda lost when it comes to the news? We’re all busy and sometimes it’s hard to sit down and read a newspaper or watch the evening news.  The Daily is all of the important news is just 20 minutes!

Another quick way to grab the news is by reading The Skimm.  Each morning, a {free} email is delivered with the top stories and a short blurb.  Between the podcast and The Skimm, you’ll feel super smart and like you could join in a convo about latest events around the world!

Tiny Leaps – Big Changes

Greg Clunnis {admittedly a “no one”} has a great podcast, Tiny Leaps Big Changes. The goal of this short weekly podcast is to motivate you into make small changes…that will make a big impact.  He shares little bits of wisdom, advice, and motivation to help you make big changes. It’s all research based – super informative!

How I Built This

I am obsessed with the How I Built This podcast!! Guy Raz from NPR interviews well-known entrepreneurs {Mark Cuban, Kate Spade, Richard Branson} where they share their stories or failures and triumphs on building a business. It’s so interesting!

Up And Vanished


So Up and Vanished is along the same lines of Serial from a few years ago {Season One was AWESOME if you haven’t listened yet!} A podcaster finds an unsolved case about a Georgia beautify queen and high school teacher and follows the leads. I’m not completely through with the episodes, but it is riveting!

Brains On Science

Okay, so this last podcast, Brains On! Science Podcast is really meant for children {and can be kinda silly at times!}.  But, I love it! It’s hosted by curious kids and reporters. The topics range from  “The Gas We Pass” to “Mystery Sounds” to “Why is the Ocean Salty” It would be great to incorporate into your school day!

Do you have any Podcasts you love? Let me know – I’m always on the hunt for more!



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  1. Have you listened to Undisclosed? It’s (season 1) a more in-depth view of the case covered in Serial and it is awesome!

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