My All Time Favorite Read Alouds

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Aside from brand new school supplies, I think the best part of a classroom is the library! I LOVE to pick out new books for my class! I love the Scholastic Book Order {you’re crazy if you don’t use it!}, I love finding deals on Amazon, and I even love picking up books from yard sales and library sales!

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Click on the pictures to learn more about these great books!
First up, one of my favorite people {Greta!} wrote a book along with her sisters and mom {isn’t that the cutest?!} Well, her book is fantastic! It’s a great story about being yourself.  Head on over to Amazon and get it! I’ll wait here.
Seriously…she sells her book on Amazon! Isn’t that amazing??
Another one of my faves stars little miss  Molly Lou Melon.  Again, this story is all about being yourself.  I love this goofy little gal! There’s also a bunch more in the series now, too!
Now this next book, I can barely read aloud without cracking up! The Night I Followed the Dog cracks me up!
Walter the Farting Dog is hysterical BUT you probably need to wait till the end of the year to read this one when they’re a bit more mature to listen to the silliness!
And here’s my classic favorite book. I still get a little teary every time I read this one!
I love the book I Wanna Iguana! It’s a great book to discuss being persuasive! It’s written through a series of letters which is another great teaching point to slip in! The author has also written several follow up books, too!
If you’re looking to stretch those little minds a little further, click on the pic to grab this freebie! To use, simply ask the kids to roll a die and complete the activity that corresponds to the number they land on!
Reading Response Freebie
What’s on your list of must-read books?
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39 Responses

  1. I love reading the Froggy books by Jonathan London to my class because they laugh so much and beg to hear the story again. From the moment I read Froggy Gets Dressed, they were hooked!

  2. We have just started reading the Magic Tree House Books in our class. Our kids have been loving it!! I have been loving it too!! Those are some of my most favorite books ever!!

  3. New pencils, beautiful card stock, and BOOKS! The library is also my favorite part of my classroom. Love handing a book to a student – and then THRILLED when they love it, too!

  4. This is tough as I love so many books and want to share them all with my kids . I love Amelia Bedelia, Froggy, Jan Brett, and the list goes on. Thanks for the giveaway.

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