Would You Rather Opinion Writing {Spring Edition}

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Everyone has an opinion, right? Get your kiddos to start sharing their opinion {and provide supporting reasons} with these print-and-go prompts!

Would You Rather Writing {Spring Edition} is the perfect addition to your Daily 5 Work on Writing Center! This pack includes 40 engaging topics for students to develop lists + an editable template to create your own!

Some topics included:

• Would you rather jump in puddles or drink hot cocoa instead?
• Would you rather have ants crawl all over you or sleep in a bed of spiders?
• Would you rather remain a caterpillar or turn into a butterfly?
• Much More!

What’s included in this bundle:

• 20 Would You Rather? Writing Prompts with sentence structure
• 20 Would You Rather? Writing Prompts without sentence structure
• Editable File to create your own!


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