Summer Homework

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You have worked hard ALL year to make sure your kids have mastered all of the Math Common Core Standards! Don’t let summer slide happen!

This pack is designed for students to complete a page-a-day activity. It’s a simple daily review of the most important concepts they’ve learned in first grade…and they’ll need to remember as they head to second grade!

Simply photocopy the pages and staple into a book. The kids can use the grid to keep track of the activities they’ve completed.

Some of the skills covered include:
* tens & ones
* comparing numbers (money, sets of numbers, etc.)
* missing addends
* 10 more, 10 less
* 1 more, 1 less
* determining patterns in numbers
* word problems
* true or false problems
* ordering numbers
* telling time
* graphing
* facts families
* double digit addition & subtraction
* patterning
* shapes
* fractions
* symmetry
* measurement

As an added incentive, I plan to let my class know that if they return it at the beginning of second grade, they can visit the treasure box!


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