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Spelling Dictionary for Primary Writers!

Are you tired of repeating how to spell the same words over and over? Super Star Spelling Dictionary is your answer! Turn these blackline masters into a booklet for your students to keep in their desks for writing throughout the day!

One page is included for each letter of the alphabet (j/k, u/v and x/y/z share a page) The most commonly used words in writing are included, in addition to extra lines for students to add their own special words.

I’ve also included the following pages:

* All About Me Page {school, teacher, city, state, country, continent, address info}
* Days of the Week
* Months of the Year
* Numbers {2 versions}
* Color Words
* Weather Words
* School Words
* Holidays
* Important People

These individual spelling dictionaries are sure to build independence in your young writers {and put an end the question “How do you spell.. throughout the day!}

** I’ve updated this file, so there are now two versions included in this file – the “old” and the “new”


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