September Daily Edits

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They say necessity is the Mother of Invention. Well, I present to you, September Daily Edits! No matter HOW many times we remind kiddos to use their best handwriting, use capitals, and add a period (or something else!) to the end of their sentence…they still do not always do it, right?

September Daily Edits are a quick daily sentence for students to work on all of those important writing skills!

*** Buy the Daily Edits Bundle for the Year & SAVE! ***

To prep, simply photocopy a book for each student. To save paper, I’ve created the Daily Edits on half-sheets.

I’ve also included an editable file for you to create your own sentences if you choose.

What’s included in the bundle:
• 20 Daily Edits for September with checklists
• Editable File to create your own sentences!


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