Secret Agent: Double Digit Addition

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Secret Agent Double Digit Addition is an engaging set of activities designed to get your kids up & moving…while practicing essential skills! 

What’s Included in Double Digit Addition: 


• Make your own Decoder Directions
• Double Digit Addition to 50 Task Cards + Recording Sheet
• Double Digit Addition to 100 Task Cards + Recording Sheet
• Double Digit Addition with regrouping Task Cards + Recording Sheet
• Double Digit Printables


You can read more about how to implement Secret Agent Math over on my blog! There are even a few FREEBIES waiting over there! 🙂

Want to buy a class set of Decoders? Check them out HERE!

Some things to know about Secret Agent Learning
• Every printer prints the “secret message” differently. I have printed on countless printers to try it out! I’ve found that it’s best to print on an inkjet print using regular ‘ol copy paper. Laser printers and card stock are fine, but the best results come from just the basic printers!


• I make it a point to tell my students each time we do this activity that it is not important {or impressive!} if they can see the “answer” hidden.


The point of these Secret Agent Learning activities is to give your students a new way to practice skills!


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