Printable Post-It Notes {Set Two}

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Printable Post-It Notes are a fast way to praise your students!


As teachers, we love to celebrate our students for their hard work!


Use these Printable Post-It notes to quickly and easily give your students a boost! These print & go templates are a huge time-saver when you want to say a quick “way to go!”


This Set of Printable Post-Its includes:
• You’re Grrrrrreat! {boy & girl pirate included}
• I’m Beary Happy You’re in My Class
• I’m a Lucky Duck to have you in my class!
• I like the way you roll
• You’re one in a ‘melon’
• You are out of this world!
• You’re just write!
• You make my heart soar!
• It’s Mice to know you!
• School would be RUFF without you!
• You are one bright kid!
• I WHEEELIE like having you in my class! {boy & girl racers included}
• You’re #1 in my book!
• So HOPPY you’re in my class!
• You BLOW me away!
• You are so JAW-some!
• Hey, Love Bug!
• No, Lion! You’re a great student!
• You’re a Gem!


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