Monster Math

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Kids love Monsters!

Your students will have a blast working with the common core math activities in this giant Monster Mania pack!

What’s Included:

• Mixed Up Monsters: Center Activity & worksheet followup for ordering numbers
• Monster in the Middle: Center Activity & worksheet followup for Before & After Concept
• Mystery Monsters: Secret Number game to master using the words “greater than” and “less than” concept
• Monster Mania: Center Activity & worksheet followup for tally marks.
• Mega 10s Monsters: base 10s activity for adding & subtracting with 10
• Monster Time: Center Activity for telling time to the hour & half hour
• Monsters with Money I Spy Activity: practice counting simply coin combos
• Monster Mayhem: simple board game to work on 1:1 correspondence
• Monster Trap: fun game to strengthen logic skills
• Monster Practice Worksheets: adding sets, adding 3 numbers, patterning, following rules & skip counting


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