Life Skill Awards

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Life Skill Awards are a unique way to celebrate your students’ behavior!

Your students will be proud to share their achievement with family & friends!

To use, simply print & present!

This file contains an EDITABLE file so you can change the words of 10 awards award! Please note – the pictures will not change, just the words! You must have PowerPoint in order to use the editable file!

What’s included:

* Kind as Can Be
* Excellent Empathy
* Extraordinary Effort
* Highly Helpful
* Continuously Compassionate
* Respectful Role Model
* Remarkably Responsible
* Positive Problem Solver
* Completely Creative
* Likable Leader
* Really Resilient
* Honorably Honest
* Extra Empathetic
* Fabulous Friend
* Forever Fair
* Incredible Innovator
* Fantastic at Focusing
* Endless Effort
* Marvelous Motivator
* Awesomely Accommodating
* Always Up for a Challenge
* Amazingly Artistic
* Cooperative Kid
* Positively Persistent
* Over the Top Organized


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