Homework for Families {Includes English & Spanish Versions}

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Homework for Families! Take Home Tasks – Activities families can do together!

As teachers, we’re always looking for ways to bridge the home-school gap! Take Home Tasks is the answer! The goal of Take Home Tasks is to be a quick-to-set up, yet meaningful homework experience for families.

A few notes about Take Home Tasks…

There are THREE parts to each Take Home Task:

1. Teacher Information
2. Parent Note (with extension activity)
3. Student Activity Sheet

* I’ve tried to keep copies to a minimum for the activities. For most activities, the reproducible worksheet appears twice on a page so you can cut your copies in half!

* For most tasks, I’ve included a QR Code linking parents to an extension activity.

Materials Included:

• 25 Take Home Tasks (with teacher instructions, parent note & activity)
• Parent Letter
• Printable Labels to affix to supply boxes
• Take Home Task Checklist to manage

* Tasks Included – in English & Spanish *

• Whoa, Domino Fact Family
• Tens Facts Under the Rainbow
• High Card Wins!
• Go Fish for 10
• Tally Time
• Graph Your Home
• Think Big
• Dice Tic-Tac-Toe
• Roll the Dice

Language Arts Tasks
• Sight Word Sleuth
• Shhhh…It’s a Surprise
• Word Ladders
• Magnet Letter Mystery
• Type It UP!
• Case of the Missing Syllables
• Tales of the Class Pet
• Noun Round Up!
• Charades

Life Skills Tasks
• Shoe Tying 101
• Where Do I Live?
• Ring! Ring

Social Studies
• What a Wonderful World (Continents)
• I Heart America
• Family Tree Fun
• May I Ask You A Question?

Materials You’ll Need to Fill Your Tasks Kids
* denotes optional items

• pencil/supply boxes
• dice
• deck of cards
• magnetic letters
• dice
• dominoes
• game markers (2 colors)
• mini stuffed animal (i.e. Beanie Baby)
• mini magnifying glass *
• crayons/markers *
• shoelaces *
• decorative pencils *

** Please note, this does not include the Supply Boxes or additional materials needed to fill these boxes **


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