Early Finishers - Summer {1st Grade}

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Early Finishers can continue learning through the Summer!

Are you worried about Summer Slide? Grab the Summer B.A.T. Book to keep your kiddos’ brains working…even while on summer vacation!

B.A.T. stands for Brain’s Always Thinking! Using this book, your students can complete a variety of fun & appealing activities when they can sneak in a few minutes of practice time this summer!!

The Summer B.A.T. Book is filled with 40 themed Common Core Language Arts Math Activities to challenge and engage your students! There are three different cover choices.

Love the Summer B.A.T. Book? Check out the bundle: A Year of Early Finishers Books!

For each child, you’ll photocopy the pages back to back, add the cover of your choice and staple it all together! Students can keep their monthly B.A.T. Book inside their own desks so it’s always ready to go!

Simple directions for each activity make it easy for students to complete on their own. Kids can track their progress in their B.A.T. Book with the Progress Page in the front of their books.

** The Summer B.A.T. Book was created for 1st grade, but it can be used with advanced K students & as review with 2nd graders! **

You can read more about the B.A.T. Book here.


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