Brag Bracelets

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Brag Bracelets are a meaningful way to praise your students!

As teachers, we love to praise our students for their hard work! Use these fun Brag Bracelets to quickly and easily give your students a boost!

Color & Black & White version of the Brag Bracelets are included, along with a simple storage solution!

Brag Bracelets include:

• I lost a Tooth Today!
• I was Class Gardener Today!
• I was a Super Helper today!
• I was a friend of the Earth today!
• I was a helpful friend today!
• I was a Reading Sleuth today!
• I made Good Choices Today
• I made wise decisions today
• I had a “bear”-y good day
• I was caught “bee”-ing good today
• Hang on…I’ve got something to share!
• I’m a Rock Star Reader!
• I was Student of the Day! {Boy & Girl versions}
• I was Class President Today! {Boy & Girl versions}
• I was a great Classroom Cleaner today!
• I am a Peacemaker!
• I was a Super Sub Student today!
• I was a great listener today!
• I was a hard worker today!
• I was a STAR student!
• I had great bus behavior today!
• Hooray…It’s my birthday!
• I am a Math Whiz!
• I’m a 100 Days Smarter!
• My teacher is proud of me!
• Ask Me About _____________
• I am responsible!
• I have magnificent manners!
• I’m an AR Superhero!
• I’m a playground pal!
• I’m a Book Worm!
• I had a bright idea today!
• I was sweet today!
• I am awesome!
• My teacher thinks I’m outstanding!


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