Multiplication & Division

Quick…what’s 6×9? 8×12? 9×7?
Well, if you were stumped for even one of those questions, do I have a solution for you! Help your students, children and {possibly yourself!} brush up on those multiplication & division facts with my latest app, Smart Cookie Math – Multiplication & Division!
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
This app is set up very similar to the original Smart Cookie Math app!
You can read more about the Addition & Subtraction app {here}
I created this as a way for students to have a fun way to practice the facts that they were learning in class.  So, if you’re using the Smart Cookie Multiplication program in your class, this is a perfect complement!
A new feature available in both apps is the mutli-player functionality.
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
So now, a classroom full of kids can have their very own jar!
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
If a child is working on passing Level 3 in the classroom, then they can simply practice Level 3 on the app!
The exact same math problems are in the classroom version, as the app version!
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
 There’s also a practice option that is un-timed.
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
Once a child chooses a level to play, there’s a quick countdown screen.
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
Here’s a peek at Level 1.  It clearly shows the child which level & problem they are on.
The cloud in the corner counts down from 2:30.
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
In practice play, the screen looks the same, but there’s simply no timer to “stress” the kids out!
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
If a child can successfully complete 30 correct problems in 2:30 minutes or less, they earn a “cookie” in their jar.
The cookie dances around the screen and jumps into the jar!
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication
I would LOVE for you to pass along the app to your parents, colleagues and even your own children! Just like on TpT, I would greatly appreciate your feedback in the App store! {I’ve learned that lots of positive feedback is one of the ways to get Apple to notice you and feature you in their “New & Noteworthy” section!}
You can read more about the corresponding paper & pencil Smart Cookie Math program {here}
If you’re using Smart Cookie Math already in your classroom, click the picture below for a letter you can email or print for your parents. If you’d like to start using the program, you can check it out on TpT {here}
Smart Cookie Math Multiplication - Letter to Parents
I hope this helps your children master their facts in a more exciting way!

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