A Treasure of Ideas for March!

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If you know anything about me, you know that St. Patrick’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday!

I love the silly shenanigans of that leprechaun!
I love the idea that everyone is Irish for the month!
Heck, I even love the color green!

Keep on reading to find out my favorite activities to use in the classroom during the month of March!

Snap Cube and Pattern Block Mats!

My kids can’t get enough of these fun mats! They are SO simple to pull out and create an easy Center or Daily Math rotation!

The mini-books hold the students accountable so they’re not just building the shape!

Go grab a set of the St. Patrick’s Day Snap Cubes or St. Patrick’s Day Pattern Blocks!

 Pots of Goals

Now that we’re over half-way through the school year {and a few weeks past our New Year’s resolutions!} it’s a good time to check in on goals.

It’s a great reminder for students to see what goals they’ve set…and if they’re following through!

I LOVE walking past this darling Pots of Goals display each day.

St. Patrick’s Day Task Cards

The tricky thing about math is that you teach a concept…and then never seem to circle back to it, right?

That’s why I love adding task cards to our Math activities each month!

These low-prep St. Patrick’s Day Task Cards give students a chance to dust off the cobwebs on math skills that may have been introduced months ago!

Leprechaun Directed Draw

I mean…how stinkin’ cute are these Leprechaun Directed Draws from First Grade Blue Skies?

She shares the directions for free so you can do it, too!

Lucky Logic

It’s no secret that I LOVE logic! Each month my students work on logic puzzles by reading clues and moving the seasonal pieces around to solve the puzzle.

Of course, it’s shamrocks for March!

Lucky You! Leprechaun

Okay, during all the craziness of this fun holiday {and Spring Break right on its heels!} kids tend to go a little crazy during this month, right?

Well, meet my little friend Lucky! {affiliate link}

We’ve started using Lucky the Leprechaun to reign in that behavior. This little guy pops in on the first day of the month and rewards kiddos for their good behavior. It’s so simple to set up this easy management system and the kids totally buy into it!

They leprechaun pops by and leaves treats for students who are caught being good! I promise this will improve behavior!

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