New Year’s Activities for Goal Setting

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The New Year is almost here and it’s always the best time to “start over”, right? Of course, Back to School is usually when we reset for a new year, but now that the kids are a bit older {and better writers!} January is always a great time for a check-in on goals for the year.

New Year Goal Setting Craftiivty! January is the perfect time to set goals for students! Check out these fun writing ideas to decorate your classroom with student goals!

I’m sharing my favorite New Year Writing Ideas that will set your students up for success in the coming year! Each of the ideas below includes multiple options and paper choices so you can pick what works best for your students.

Caution: Awesome Year Ahead

Your students will definitely be mindful of their goals when they see these brightly colored displays around the classroom!

Have limited room? You can do the same activity with a smaller writing prompt.

You can find Caution: Awesome Year Ahead on TpT and over in The Lucky Store.

Are You Yeti for a New Year?

Every single time I walked by these hilarious yetis hanging in my classroom I cracked up! I mean, how can you not smile at these goal-setting guys?

You can either do a full-page or a half-page writing prompt with the yeti.

Bright Ideas for the New Year

These goals will really light up your classroom {sorry, I couldn’t help myself}

Your students can focus on a few goals in the longer writing prompt or make a quick list with the half-sheet.

You can find Bright Ideas for a New Year on TpT and in The Lucky Store.

Zooming Into a New Year

Zoom into the year with BIG goals! These cars are a bit more work than the other activities but I love that it allows the students to focus on something they can, will and want to achieve over the year.

Or, you can always go with the short version of this activity 🙂

You can find Zooming Into a New Year on TpT and in The Lucky Store.

Ringing Into the New Year

Most kids won’t even appreciate this good pun, but I do! Ha!
This activity is super simple to prep – just print and go! There are tons of color choices included

You can find Ringing in The New Year on TpT and in The Lucky Store.


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