Games to Help Build Math Mastery

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I LOVE using Math Games in the classroom to help my little learners master their math facts and skills! I love that students don’t even realize they are practicing math and just think we’re playing!

We all know that kids gain mastery with more exposure. To encourage my students to master their facts, we use Smart Cookie Math – a systematic, sequential program that gradually helps students gain mastery. You can read more about it here or check it out on TpT or in The Lucky Store.

But in addition to fact fluency tests, we play TONS of games! Check out a few of our recent favorites below.

Circling Sums

My kids can’t get enough of this game! The goal is for students to circle as many pairs {or trios} of numbers that add up to the target number

The boards can either be used as a game between players or a review for a student to play on their own.

The best part? It’s easy to prep – simply print out the desired game board {in color or black & white}, laminate, and off they go!

Circling Sums includes boards for Making 5, 10, 12, 15, and 20.

Find it on TpT or in The Lucky Store.

Circling Differences

Since my kiddos are always so pumped to play Circling Sums, it made perfect sense to create Circling Differences to master subtraction!

It’s played exactly the same but I’ve included more levels {since this is the trickier skill for most!} Game boards for Mak 1 – 10 are included.

Find it on TpT or in The Lucky Store.

Balancing Equations

One of the hardest skills for my students to understand and master is balanced equations! To give my students many opportunities to practice this challenging concept, we often pull out Balancing Equations.

While you could make this a partner activity, I tend to use it as a solo activity. The goal is for students to determine equal equations.

To hold students accountable for the work, they fill out the Balance the Equations printable.

I’ve included lots of options – balancing numbers, balancing addition, balancing subtraction equations, and balancing addition vs. subtraction equations {by far the most challenging set!} The sets are color-coded to make them easier to differentiate.

You can find it on TpT and in The Lucky Store.

Peek-A-Book Addition

With Peek-A-Book Addition students take a piece of scrap paper and solve the equation. Then, they flip the card over and check if they got the answer correct. I love when an activity is self-checking!

They’re easy to prep – simply print, laminate and poke out the hole. After a few sessions of finding cards everywhere, I wisened up and finally put the cards onto a metal ring.

I’ve found that some students just keep pulling Peek-A-Boo cards out. No sweat off my back – we’re sneaking in that fact practice 🙂

You can find it on TpT and in The Lucky Store.

Looking for more math games to use in the classroom? Check out the FREEBIES in this post or this post! And see how I’ve snuck in even more math using snap cubes and pattern blocks here!

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