Easy Valentine Treat Bags!

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Raise your hand if you think Valentine’s Day is the holiday that makes kids the C•R•A•Z•I•E•S•T!? Tell me I’m not alone!

I do remember as a child getting SO excited to pick out my valentines and labor over them for days making sure I gave just the right valentine to each friend in my class! My very favorite valentine were fake checks that you wrote out to kids. How funny to look back as an adult and think giving {fake} checks was a treat! It wouldn’t surprise me if kids actually gave out real money in cards these days!

Back in the day, we used to make our Valentine Treat Bags at home and bring them to school.  I’m sure our parents were thrilled to pull out glitter, hearts, glue, and other random crafts, right? I bet parents are so grateful that we now do these crafts at school!

I have some super easy and cute Valentine treat bags that are easy to prep and create for your students. You can easily make these on Valentine’s Day just before your students start cruising around the classroom.

I had WAY too much fun putting these bags together myself this year! I can’t figure out which Valentine treat bag is my favorite.

Click on the links to check ’em out over on TpT!

Stick with Friendship Hedgehog Treat Bag
Cactus Valentine Treat Bag

I Like You a Sloth Valentine Treat Bag
A Llama Love Valentine Treat Bag

FYI the Hedgehog requires a lot of patience when cutting. I’ve included an easier version in the pack, but it may be better suited for older kiddos.

I’m pretty sure every kid likes donuts, right?
These are the best kind because they are no-fat and darling 🙂
DONUT You Love Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day can be quite Magical…especially when you collect your goodies in a unicorn!
Magical Unicorn Valentine Treat Bag

Valentine’s Day cards are Dino-Mite!
Students can take their cards home in these easy-to-make dinosaurs!
Dino-Mite Valentine Treat Bags

So many options to choose from! And I promise they are all really simple to prep and create!

The bags were all purchased at the Dollar Tree but you can snag the bags even cheaper on Amazon HERE {affiliate link}.


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