InterACTIVEities – Digital Learning in the Classroom

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I am SO thrilled to share my latest digital product, InterACTIVEities!

Digital learning tools are all the rage in my classroom these days!

InterACTIVEities are the ultimate no-prep activity for your little digital learners!

I don’t know about you, but I sure get tired of printing, cutting and laminating activities! Plus, I’m running out of space to store them all. Of course, there are times when those activities are needed, but I think it’s also important to start getting our kids exposed to digital learning!

InterACTIVEities on an iPad

InterACTIVEities were designed to give your students the opportunity to practice skills on a no-prep, self-checking digital platform. They can be used on an iPad, Computer, Chromebook and SMART board.

Scroll through the pictures below to see InterACTIVEities in use on our iPads!


InterACTIVEities on a Computer!

I’m fortunate to have a few student computers in my classroom, so my students can access InterACTIVEities on a computer. It’s SO simple! You just pull up the file in Preview on a Mac or in Adobe on a PC! Simply click on Full Screen {under the view mode} and let the kids go!

Kids say the word and tap the sound! 

If they get the sound right, they get this screen.  

If they get the sound wrong, they get the Oops guy..and another opportunity to try it out! 

InterACTIVEities on a SMART Board

InterACTIVEities can also be used on a Smart Board! You simply open up the file on your computer and enter full screen in Preview or Adobe. Voila – a magical set of NO-PREP activities to review important phonics skills!

Check out InterACTIVEities over on TpT!

I’ve got a growing bundle of Phonics Skills going and more will be added each week! Snag the bundle while it’s at its cheapest price 🙂


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