January Must-Haves

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Happy New Year! I’ve got a few fun ideas to kick off the new year!

The Peloton App

A few months ago, I was in New York to meet up with some of my favorite people.  I somehow talked Greta and Layla into visiting the Peloton Studio in Chelsea for a Spin class.  OMG you guys! It’s amazing! Basically, there’s a leaderboard and you’re trying to beat yourself {or let’s be honest…others}

The coolest part about Peloton is that they film the classes so people who own the bike at home {not me!} or those who download the app {me!} can join in at home!

My dream is to own a Peloton at my house, but since we currently live in a shoebox and I don’t want my living room to smell like a gym, I just pay the $13 a month to access all of the classes – both live and On Demand and use one of the bikes at my gym.  You should definitely check it out!

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Have you played Watch Ya’ Mouth? {affiliate link}  I bought this game for my niece & nephews for Christmas and it was a HUGE hit! We played several times and each time is just as funny as the first!

I am so bummed I didn’t take pictures of all this silliness! I promise it’ll be a crowd pleaser. Best of all, it’s appropriate for all ages!

A Few Books

So I’ve spent a LOT of time this Winter Break reading. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites books! Click the picture to learn more about each book {affiliate links!}

Okay, my absolute favorite of late is Southernmost! Such a sweet story!! I’m a sucker for Southern fiction {says the California girl!}

Winter Street is the final Elin Hildebrand book in her trio of Christmas stories. Just delightful to check in on my friends! {Do you ever feel like you could be friends with characters your read? No, just me?}

Hollywood Dirt is a delightful guilty pleasure read {as are all Alessandra Torre books!} I actually read this a few months ago, but it was so good, I thought I’d include it! I recently discovered that it’s going to be a movie too – can’t wait!

I usually share what I’ve read over on Instagram {with the hashtag #luckyreads} so make sure to follow me if you love to discover new books!

Amazon Fire Stick

I LOVE to spend time over Winter Break {or really any weekend!} binge watching shows! You can’t go wrong with the Kindle Fire Stick {affiliate link}.  I have an Apple TV, too and this is WAY easier to use! It’s even voice activated so you can even be lazy about finding your shows!

Grab Bag Galore {2017 Edition}

I am SO excited that the 2017 Grab Bag Galore {2017 Edition} is in my store!

If you’re not familiar with the Grab Bag here’s the deal: it’s a growing bundle that I throw random stuff into each month.  I make the goodies as I need them or inspiration strikes! The sooner you buy it, the cheaper it is! But, by the end of the year, it will be filled with at least $40 worth of stuff!

I’ve already added a couple of goodies inside to get you started for the New Year! Here’s a peek at one!

That’s all I’ve got this month! I hope you have a great start to your year!


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