Presidents’ Day in the Primary Classroom

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Goodbye, January! I’m ready for a February filled with hearts, teeth, lanterns, Presidents…and of course a week off!
I am excited to share my latest creation for February, Powerful Presidents!
Lucky to Be in First
This little pack is filled with 6 different craftivities.
Mix and match to create the perfect display for your classroom!

Lucky to be in first Teachers Pay Teachers

I took my favorite art project of the entire year and turned it into a writing project!
Bonus: this art project will keep your littles entertained for a long time!
Lucky to be in firstLucky to be in first

For something simple, you can photocopy George’s head onto black paper and ask students to write 3 facts they’ve learned about Washington!
Lucky to Be in first
For Abe, make use of his stovepipe hat with these fun projects!
Part of our math curriculum asks the kids to work on timelines.  This is a fun way to incorporate Math into Social Studies time! They can also write 3 facts they know!


Lucky to be in FirstLucky to Be in First
It’s been said that Abe used his hat to store speeches, letters and notes.  With this activity, ask your students to write President Lincoln a note
Lucky to Be in First
Head over to TpT to grab this pack so you’re all set for Presidents’ Day!
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