Life Hacks…for the Busy Teacher!

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Life as a teacher is B•U•S•Y!  So I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to minimize the stress of doing too much and keeping it all together!

Life Hacks for Busy People - Tips for making life easier to manage! | Lucky to by Be in First

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon.  By purchasing an item on the Amazon site using these links, I will receive a small commission on your purchase.  For more information about my Disclosure Policy, please visit this link.

My best ideas come to me when I’m either sleeping {and I just KNOW I’m going to remember it when I wake up!} or when I’m in the shower.  I always tell JB that my next invention is going to be a waterproof pad of paper!

My mind is constantly running.  It drives my sister crazy because she feels like she never has my full attention.  I’m thinking up new units, running through my grocery list or solving the debt crisis.

So, needless to say, I like to make my life easy in as many ways as possible!

Recently, I’ve tried to streamline life.  How can I make my life easier and still be productive?

Shop Online!

This year, I’ve started shopping online. Apparently A LOT! I live in a secure building {with no doorman!} so I can’t have packages sent to my house {unless it’s a scheduled delivery and I can be home} So, I always have the packages sent to my parents’ house.  Well, my dad has commented on more than one occasion that I buy too much. I knew it was bad when one of my nephews said to me, “No packages for you today – that’s weird!”


One reason I buy online is for ease, but the other is because of  How many more times do I need to shout from the rooftop before you go and sign up?? Seriously, you get cash back on every single thing you buy online! It’s so easy! {I just got $12 back on my recent order}

Grocery Shop Online

I buy groceries at and Google Shopping Express.

And now Amazon Fresh & Amazon Pantry basically deliver EVERYTHING you can possibly dream up!


And of course, Amazon is the greatest life saver of all time! I can order something in the morning…and it arrives that evening!! What? I also love their Subscribe & Save Feature.  This allows you to get a recurring shipment of goods you need all the time!

Speaking of that…have you seen Amazon’s Dash? It’s a WiFi device that reorders staples with just the touch of a button! So, when you’re running low on toilet paper or laundry soap, you just press the button and it gets delivered!

Crazy, right?

Amazon Alexa has also become my best friend! You can voice order whatever you need or even start a list to shop with! How great is that? She’ll also play you music, read the news and tell you jokes! So fun!

Use Your Phone!

I don’t know what I’d do without this phone.  Aside from keeping me busy updated on Instagram and Facebook, it really does make life so much easier!

I have a few useful apps to help keep life simple {or at least keep me on top of what I need to do in life!}


Do you use Evernote? It’s a free app that allows you to stay organized.  You can take notes, collect pictures, save links, etc. What I love about Evernote is that you can use it across multiple platforms.  So if you start a note while sitting in traffic…you can pick it up on your computer later when you’re at home!I love it so much it even made an appearance on my September Favorites list {kinda like Oprah’s list – but not!}

Calendars by Readdle

Life most people, I have several calendars running on my phone – personal, school, and shared calendars with others.  I use Calendars by Readdle to keep them all straight!

I have the free version and it works perfectly for my needs.  I love that it’s colored coded and I can easily glance at my events in the month view {or in a list, day, or week view} JB and I share a calendar, too which makes it easier to see who’s going where when!


For my classroom, I use the timer ALL of the time! It keeps track of specials, meetings and even reminders for calling people! I add emoji to fancy it up 🙂

For kids who leave the classroom for specialists, I’ve assigned each of them their own “tune” so that when they hear their song go off, they know it’s time to be somewhere else!

Use Your Home Screen for Reminders!

And the best life hack of all time came from my sister! I am constantly writing myself little post-its of things I need to get at the store, errands I need to run, etc.  My super smart sister starting using her Rhonna Design app to keep track of her to do lists!

Duh – why didn’t I think of this years ago? You just type up what you need to do and save it as an image.  Then, change your background picture!

Since I look at my phone 3,184 times a day, there is NO excuse to forget my errands!

Read the News on the Go!

You’ve probably heard me say how great The Skimm is.  Each weekday morning you get an email with the news highlights.  It’s the perfect way to start your day informed…and it’s free!! Go sign up – you’ll feel super smart!

What are some of your favorite life hacks? Share them below – I need all I can get here!



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11 Responses

  1. Oh, I probably shouldn't have read about ebates on your blog this morning. That sounds like something that would be great – I do a lot of online shopping also. And the phone ideas – yes, yes! Thanks for sharing. Sara

  2. Oh my word!! Treat is rockin' my world right now! I love Shutterfly, but had never taken the time to notice that they offer this service. My sister lives away and I love sending her cards. Score on this one! Thanks for sharing about that. Have you tried postagram? If you love your phone and mail it's the app for you! You can send picture postcards right from your phone! The little 4×4 pictures pops out so your recipient can keep the picture. There are usually codes for free postagrams too!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  3. I like the calendar app. If you love GroupDealz then you will love I buy tons of stuff there and so do my college girls. Great place to get great deals.

  4. I use the Any.Do app on my iPhone to keep track of what I need to do. You can set up folders for home, personal, work, etc. When I come across something I need to do, I immediately put it in my Any.Do app. You can also schedule reminders for items that need to be done later. I just love swiping across an item that is done! I keep the app on my home screen as a visual reminder.

  5. I'll have to check some of those out! I used my alarm more than anything this year! I had a diabetic who needed to be sent to the office twice a day at somewhat random times. I wouldn't have been able to keep track of it without my phone! In fact, he had a special ring and whenever anyone heard it, they'd all say his name.

    What I Have Learned

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