1. I LOVE this Molly! Thanks so much for sharing! Good luck on cooking! I never liked to cook myself but have found myself cooking over the past few years more and more now that I'm married. I'd still rather bake – lol!

  2. If you swapped the chocolate chips for hummus, you WOULD have a dinner, at least in my mind!

    I am blessed with a hubby who cooks during the school year and I take over for the summer. So even though we eat the same things a lot, that is fine with me!

    Your shopping list is so pretty…mine are usually on the back of an envelope!

  3. I cooked ALL THE TIME until my boys left for college. Now we are eating out way too much. Your list is colorful and motivating. I’m ready to get back onto the kitchen in 2016. If you don’t like to shop, will your food store deliver your order? If you can read, you can cook! Pour a glass of wine and cook with your husband. Put on some good music. Make it fun! Good luck to you in 2016!

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