1. You are using this with first graders? Wow! I saw your app post at TpT forum and came on over! Will you be able to share in a blog post (or at the forum) how you went about finding the app designer? I'd love to know more, and I'm going to get the app on my kids' iPod account as soon as they are charged! This cookies will definitely speak their language! We need some new stuff for practicing facts!

  2. YAHOO!! Can you hear me shouting that from the east coast? What a great accomplishment. I passed level one and earned my first cookie today…Go me! I can't wait to share this with other teachers I know!
    Thanks for linking up!
    A Burst of First

  3. Well done! It looks awesome. The kids are having a blast playing the app. It looks great and is user friendly. Your hard work really paid off. 🙂
    I am ready to start multiplication smart cookies tomorrow. The kids were pumped when I showed them the jars that were personalized for them.

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