1. Molly, I am going CRAZY over your Tattle Phone! I have an old cell phone that would be perfect for it— YAY! And your calendar numbers and cards look amazing! So excited that I got to take a peek at one AMAZING classroom!
    Great job!

  2. Love your library and your Smart Cookie board. Sooooo cute! BTW, Go Giants (even if they got swept by the Dodgers. I noticed you went to SMC…so I'm thinking you're close to me. I teach in Concord. Are you nearby?

  3. Love your remade calendar and truly appreciate the freebie. May I make a suggestion? Someone posted a link to your freebie on Facebook. I clicked and downloaded the set. Later, I wanted to reference back to it's author, and couldn't find it anywhere. After a careful search of my "history" I finally found the post, and it brought me to you. So, the suggestion … perhaps put your name and/or blog's name in the footer section of your freebie. Not only does it give you credit, but then people can find you easily. 🙂 Thanks so much!!! I loved reading this post!

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